Roxhill Art Contest!

Hello Roxhill Families and Supporters!

At this very moment I am staring at 6 prizes that will be awarded to our six Roxhill Art Contest winners, one from each grade! The contest theme was “What Roxhill Means to Me” and the Roxhill Stars totally rocked it.

Everyone who looked through the submissions was filled with incredible pride for Roxhill Elementary. The kids shared with us in their art work that Roxhill means Friendship, Safety, Love, Inclusion and Food.

As adults we often think of school as a means to an end or purely in academic terms, and this is valid, but the kids teach us that Roxhill has created a safe place that transcends the scholastic prototype. It is helping to create good humans that feel fed, included, noticed, important and cared for.

While there could only be 6 winners, all the submissions deserve praise. They will be presented in a slide show during a lunch hour for everyone to enjoy AND every single piece of art will be given to our mural artist*, so that they can use them for inspiration when designing the mural for our new school.

Super special thanks to Miss Michelle who made the contest happen!!! You are awesome!!! Another shout out to the 2nd grade, whose turn out for the contest blew out every other grade- woo hoo!

Till Next Time, Stars!

*The artist is still to be determined, but, just between you and I, we have received SEVERAL submissions from incredible local artists who are vying to paint our mural!



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