Mark your calendars for the Festival of Lights May 2nd!

Please join us for a night of celebrating one another at the Festival of Lights. There will be performances by Roxhill students and community members, a potluck dinner, a raffle and more! RSVP on Facebook here.

Performers needed! Would you or do you know someone who would like to perform? Please contact our Parent Leader, Maty Villeda, at or Jacqui Betz at to reserve a spot.

The Festival of Lights works best when we all bring something to share. If you are able to bring something and need a suggestion, here are a few (remember vegetarian and halal options are really helpful):

• Kindergarten – Main dish (e.g. meats, pastas, soups, tamales, etc.)
• 1st Grade – Main dish (e.g. meats, pastas, soups, tamales, etc.)
• 2nd Grade – Side dish (e.g. rice and beans, vegetables, fresh rolls, lumpia, etc.)
• 3rd Grade – Salad (e.g. black bean, Caesar, garden, macaroni, potato, etc.)
• 4th Grade – Desserts and Fruits
• 5th Grade – Drinks (juice, horchata, Jamaica, natural water etc.)

Help Roxhill and our community reduce waste by bringing your own plate to eat on. For every plate you bring, you will receive an additional raffle ticket! Let’s model sustainable habits and be leaders for schools across the U.S.

If you are not able to bring your own plate, a compostable plate will be provided.