About Friends of Roxhill Elementary

We support the education and enrichment of our multicultural public school in Seattle.

Our nonprofit is focused on building equity for students in our underserved neighborhood through fundraising, community building and other projects important for our kids’ school success.

Supporting the Needs of Our Community
We promote collaboration among parents, guardians, staff and students to benefit the school community, providing opportunities for academic and staff enrichment, community and family involvement and support for the welfare and safety of children and families.

Building a Playground at E.C. Hughes
Roxhill Elementary is moving up the hill to the historic, renovated E.C. Hughes Elementary in fall 2018. Friends of Roxhill is seeking funding to create a new playground and welcome mural that reflects the multicultural, multilingual, international families and students of our community.

How to Be Involved

Come to a Meeting
Most meetings are held at Roxhill at 6 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. All decisions are made by consensus, so if you can join us, your voice will be heard.

Follow us on Facebook
Get the latest details and updates on the Friends of Roxhill Elementary Facebook page: facebook.com/FriendsofRoxhill

Share Your Ideas
We want your suggestions, feedback and ideas. Contact FriendsofRoxhill@gmail.com.

Our Governing Board
Coming Soon