Roxhill Elementary is moving in fall 2018 to a renovated E.C. Hughes building at 32nd and Kenyon. We are working on an application for a grant from the city Department of Neighborhoods to replace the existing playground equipment and footing and add small murals and plantings wherever possible to help blend the materials into the landscape. We will continue to work to gain funding to paint large murals along the east wall and build a permaculture garden to help address the heat island effect of blacktop.

We have an opportunity to build a playground that reflects our communities’ experiences, values, hopes and dreams.

The grant application is due in late September.

To help us secure the funding we need to make this happen, please pledge your time BEFORE SEPT. 20th. We are working on the details, but to get the funds to get started, we need our community to commit.

Your name and a few hours of work on a spring Saturday is all it will take. Oh, and the work that counts isn’t just physical labor — you’ll have opportunities to help with mural design, planting, helping with events and fundraising — but we need to prove we want it to happen, together, first. If you have a special talent, volunteering it counts, too.