Meeting Minutes

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Friends of Roxhill Meeting
August 3, 2020 

  1. Introductions and Greetings 
  2. Katherine Torres, new principal introduction
  3. Sharing of ideas
    1. Yard/Window signs to promote community
      1. Could hand out with new school year materials?
      2. Jessica S. will get info on signs/stakes
    2. Fence Decoration
      1. Have Kindergarten and new incoming students (maybe all students) create a self portrait, laminate, and hang on fence as welcome to new kids/new school year.  Maybe Ms. Michelle could help with this?
      2. Halbe Dougherty will follow up
    3. How can we help teachers?
      1. What do they need from us?  How can we help new teachers understand school culture?  How can we welcome kinder families?  How can we help families with at home challenges?
      2. Letter to teachers informing them of our support and asking them to reach out with ways they need help.
      3. Danielle will draft letter and send to Shawnna
    4. Welcome Buddies for incoming families
      1. Could possibly get a list of new families from office and connect them with a buddy family.  
      2. Mapes Family is point of contact
    5. Virtual Coffee Hour
      1. Opportunity for families to connect
      2. Could be done in many languages
      3. Dana and Annabel host
    6. Parent Resources for students with special services
      1. Could have a group of parents who can help with advocating for students, support for families, etc.
      2. Whitney and Halbe are points of contact
    7. Covid Resources on Friends of Roxhill Website
      1. Jeremy will update friends of roxhill website to point families to district and additional resources 
    8. Survey
      1. Learn from families what best method of communication is, what times are good for meeting, what kinds of things they hope for FoRE to achieve this year
    9. Budgeting
      1. Discussed Dine in/Take Out nights, supporting black owned businesses in the community
      2. Discussed creating a budget for the year and how it will look different this year.
      3. Kristen, Jessica M, and Kim are points of contact
    10. How can we promote family connection?
      1. Scavenger Hunt
      2. Virtual Coffee Hour
      3. Yard/Window Signs
      4. Fence Decoration
      5. Welcome Back pack for students with school supplies, FoRE swag (key chain, bracelets, pins, etc.), yard sign, could be passed out with school materials once we have more information
    11. Collecting of contact information from meeting new-comers
    12. Chat from the meeting saved