Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2019 


  1. Introductions and Greetings 
    1.  People in attendance: Shawna Lystra, Kelly (starting K), Jessica (starting K), Douglass and Kimberly (5th and 2nd), Dana (2nd), Diana (starting K)

  2. Mission Statement 
  1. Year at a Glance
    1. Back to School BBQ – August 29th
    2. September 16th – 1st FoRE Meeting
    3. September 19th – 8 am Coffee Hour
    4. September 26th – Movie Night
    5. October 6 at 1pm Sounders Game
    6. October 10th – Open House 
    7. Oct 14-17 5th grade to Islandwood 
    8. Night of Hope – November
    9. Festival of Lights – May 
    10. Math Night – TBD
    11. Literacy Night – TBD
    12. Block Party
    13. Meetings: Typically 2nd Monday of the Month at 6pm (September 16th, October 14, November 18, December 9, January 13th, February 10, March 9, April 6 (Ms. Patrick will gone this date), May 11, June 8)

  2. Upcoming BBQ – August 29th at 5:30pm
    1. Pass out Fliers for Sounders Event
    2. Have families fill out Info Cards
    3. Fliers with ways to connect: Website/Facebook/Bloomz
    4. Swag – I heart Roxhill buttons or bracelets (maybe include website ?)
    5. Advertise needs at the BBQ – translators, more participation at meetings
    6. $150 approved for funding to the swag and materials
    7. Jessica, Douglas and Kim volunteer to head up the BBQ (thanks!)
  1. Sounders Game 
    1. October 6th – advertise at the BBQ.  Ticket prices are $15 but we will charge $18 as a fundraiser.
    2. Add a friends of Roxhill Logo to the ticket advertisement – send this logo to Tarra Patrick first before it is distributed
    3. Flier can be in Spanish and English, not Somali or Vietnamese.  District can translate it for us into other languages if we can get it to them soon.
    4. End date for collecting $ is September 20th as soft end date, 27th is absolute last day.
    5. Money collection on specific day and time.  Dana volunteers to help with the $ collection
    6. Can invite community members to the game as well.
  1. Grants
    1. Document created so that we know what is available through companies and how and when.  Creating a systematic system of grants written so we can access them again.
      1. Headphones could come through Walmart
      2. GoodSports – apply for donation of playground equipment as community org or school

  2. Additional Items of Discussion
    1. Join the PTA organization? Manuela Slye (PTA president) can come discuss benefits of joining the organization at one of our meetings.
      1. Messaging of FoRE should be: Parent Teacher Community Organization 
    2. Fundraisers 
      1. A holiday fundraiser would have to start in October
      2. Early Spring – ???
      3. Walk-a-thon in June – try not to conflict with this…
    3. Volunteer Opportunities
      1. Open House
      2. Picture Day
    4. Teacher $ requests:  
      1. Must attend a meeting prior to making a request
      2. Must make a request in person

Long Term Thinking/Work for the year

  1. Branding
  2. Money Collection process
  3. Inclusion
    1. language in meetings. Translated documents, in person translators? Somali, Oromo, Spanish, Vietnamese. Possibility of asking parent translators or student translators
  4. Partnering with Night of Hope – if you could be a part of an organization that works for your school/kid, what does it look like?  How can you participate in this community as a parent?  
  5. Fundraising plan for the year – what are we actually raising $ for??
    1. Get teacher input on hopes for the organization during their PD days.
  6. Participation – how do we include everyone’s voice and create community?
    1. Weekly parent coffee hours 
    2. Quarterly Movie Night



To discuss at the September Meeting:

  • Organize Movie Night for September 26th 
  • Sounders Game Details
  • Brainstorming for the year – Building community, school pride, family participation, fundraising, supporting teachers, etc.
  • Year in total fundraisers and their purpose
  • Grants (Walmart headphones and Good Sports Grant)
  • How should teachers request funds? How do we hold teachers accountable for their requests?
  • Email to the cards collected at the block party and back to school BBQ
  • PTA membership? Why are we not part of the larger PTA organization?
  • Schedule someone to come to a staff meeting in September to introduce organization to staff/teachers
  • Online Donation Platforms
  • How to utilize the family room – butcher paper on the walls – what do you want this organization to do for our school? Clothing exchanges (maybe leading up to the night of hope people bring in items and on the night can go through them), movie nights, parent coffee

June 10th, 2019


  1. Introductions and Greetings
    1. 11 people in attendance (Dianne, Douglass, Bich, Jessica, Jenna, Shawna, Tarra, Annabel, Future K parent)

      Mission Statement
  1. Admin Update – 10-15 minutes
    1. Kindergarten graduation on June 21st – no balloons or treats please
    2. Field Day!
    3. 5th grade vs. teachers kickball tournament
    4. Working on class assignments, enrollment and teachers should remain steady, not a lot of shifts over summer, small class sizes again. Shifts in teachers in SpecEd, and ELL departments.  
    5. Approved for blended funding through SPS. Current funding is separated by title 1, LAP, english learning, special ed, etc.  What blended funding means is that all that money from different areas is put together and the principal and BLT create a plan for appropriate use where all students are served.  This is a 3 year commitment that requires a more specific CSIP plan.
    6. Applying for the Levy again in 2020/2021.  Working with Denny and Sealth for vertical alignment.

  2. Treasurer Update – 10 minutes
    1. Update
      1. Balance is $6347.00
      2. Science night was $66 for owl pellets
    2. New Treasurer – Kimberly Davidson Mapes will be new treasurer!
    3. Fundraising Chair Position – Douglas may be interested
    4. Direct Give Campaign
    5. Online Donation Issues and Possible Next Steps
      1. Online donation button is not working because Fundly and payment processor (Stripe) aren’t communicating about the problem.
      2. Fundly platform charges a 4.9% fee for every transaction in addition to payment processing (2.9%).  Could be worth checking out a different organization. GoFundMe does not have a transaction fee. PayPal Charitable or Venmo might be a good option too…

  3. Grant Updates – 5 minutes
    1. Jessica (incoming K parent) is in the process of putting together a list of possible grants we can apply for.  She is also reaching out to large companies for donation (target, walmart, big5, etc). Will be at summer meeting with updates.
    2. Sparks grant tied into SPS and department of neighborhoods – could be enough to get tetherball poles for beginning of school year.
  4. Upcoming Events – 5  minutes
    1. Field Day – June 26th
      1. Volunteers needed
    2. Graduation (K and 5) – June 21st
    3. Sounders – October 6th – Meeting next week afterschool
    4. Summer Meeting – Monday August 19th 6:00pm

  5. Funds Requests – 10 minutes
    1. Headphones –
      1. We have headphones that students use in testing.  
      2. Looking to fund headphones for each classroom to use in centers.  10 per classroom @ $16 ea
      3. Could we approach a company for donation?
    2. Playground Equipment
    3. Field Day – funding request for $600 for a photo booth (printed on spot, props, etc).  Funding approved.
    4. Block Party $ – didn’t need the $ after all
  1. City Year Thank You – 5 minutes
    1. Target gift certificates – $50 each (8)

  2. FoRE Swag – 5 minutes
    1. Banner (3 way table cloth) – $165 – $ was approved for this
    2. Bumper Stickers possibility?
    3. T-shirt design on more swag??

  3. Additional Items / From the Floor – 5 minutes
    1. Pass out the FoRE interest cards at Kindergarten Graduation
    2. Review this year’s accomplishments!
  1. Adjourn

To discuss at Summer Meeting:

  • Online donation platform
  • Teacher start up budget
  • Year Long Plan
  • Year in total – school functions and fundraisers
  • Headphones
  • Resurface the issue of teachers requesting funds without participation in meetings.
  • How do we hold teachers accountable for their requests?
  • Back to School Barbeque – Hot Dogs and Buns, cotton candy machine
  • Email to the cards collected at the block party this summer
  • PTA membership? Why are we not part of the larger PTA organization?