We did it!

Thanks to community support and belief in our project, Roxhill Elementary has been awarded a $100K grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods to build a new playground at E.C. Hughes, where we’re moving next fall. This community endeavor wouldn’t have been possible without support from all corners of West Seattle. Now the fun begins! More ways for Roxhill parents and supporters to be involved are coming soon.

Welcome Back Stars! Time to Rise and Shine!

Hello Roxhill Stars! We have finished our first month back to school- anyone feeling like they’ve hit their groove yet? My 1st grader hasn’t been sent to school in his pajamas once, so I’m feeling like a rock star. I asked him how the first month of school has been, he said “Good!” Judging by the smiles on the kids’ faces at pick-up time, I’m guessing his feeling is shared.

This is the inaugural year for Friends of Roxhill, which is very exciting. We are a non-profit whose goal is to support Roxhill Elementary in whatever way it needs and it is for anyone who wants to jump in and help (yes, that means YOU!)! In the following year we have some exciting things planned: popcorn and bake sales, supporting cultural events, providing Parent Nites Out (woo hoo!), Dine Out Nites and much much more!

Let me share some really exciting news with you on behalf of the Friends of Roxhill… our grant to build our new playground at the E.C. Hughes building was completed and submitted!!! (If you see Jenny Rose around the school give her a pat on the back, she worked really hard on it!). That means we’re waiting for approval, and if that comes thru, we will get to start making the dream a reality (work time!) and turn that concrete into a great place for our kids to play next year and on into the future!

Want to be a part of all the excitement? Here’s how:




Don’t worry, if you can’t make the meeting, you can catch up on the notes on the Roxhill website. And if you want to lend a hand (we need all sorts of skills!), please email friendsofroxhill@gmail.com or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Julian.

Until, next time, keep shining, Stars!

Playground Grant update

Whew. From our first meeting in April to now, it’s been a long process, but we’re nearing the end — the grant is due Sept. 25. Since we’re seeking a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, it’s a public process, which means our assigned project manager can review it as much as we like.

We have most definitely exploited this part of the process.

So, we’re waiting on one more review and then we’ll be able to do a final look-through, upload any final documentation, check all the boxes and click submit.

Then wait.

And squirm.

And continue to work on building community and planning events in support of the playground project and all the great work going on at Roxhill. Here’s to hoping we’re able to build the playground on the planned schedule and don’t need to reassess. We believe our community deserves a home run.

The wait before the sprint is always the hardest part.